Service at Eckerd

Notes from the minds of Eckerd's Service-Learning interns.

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Jenna here… I lead a Spring Break Service Trip to Cancun, Mexico this past spring break where I had the time of my life. It wouldn’t have been the amazing trip it was without my lovely group mates and my fantastic co-leader Brian Zaun. We worked at the City of Joy outside of Cancun. At the City of Joy we worked with missionaries throughout our week of service. Our service consisted of helping the eldering, teaching english to high schoolers, playing with school children, making bread, volunteering in a Mayan community, and we also spent some time (volunteering) at a Mexican Jail. We did find some time for the beach, Tulum Mayan ruins, and a lot of soccer. I learned so much about myself, leadership, and service through this trip. I also got to make some awesome new friends. It took months of stressful planning to make this trip happen but in the end it was completely worth it.

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Soul Service

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Caroline Myss is a mystic and a medical intuitive who can sense physical ailments within people from simply looking at them.  She has devoted her life to helping others. This is an interesting video about “Soul Service” where she discusses the difference between giving people material items and empowering them to help cultivate their own power.

-Andrea J

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Its almost over

Super sad that today will be our last meeting of the semester! However, I am excited to grille out with a great group of interns that are my new found friends. We have all bonded so much and I am so greatful for the amazing opportunity! Much thanks to Kate and Brian for starting an amazing group. I really appreciate all the opportunities the service learning office has offered me and I am looking forward to coming back next year! HAGS EVERYONE! XO


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Senior Thoughts

As the year winds down we are all finding ourselves swamped with things to do before it ends. We might be busy, find ourselves too free, as I sometimes do, or hell, we might just be done with school in general.

Well, with my school career ending, things are a tad different. I find myself thrust into the real world with little attention or care taken of me. ‘What are you doing?’ Fellow Seniors ask, just to know and compare their own track to yours.

I am comfortable in saying “not sure” to my peers. That is my advice to you. Be comfortable with being “not sure.” Know, everything will be fine; it will.

Phew, that’s even more cathartic than I’d like to admit.

Cheers, my friends!


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We had a great day working in tha campus garden and cleaning out the palm hammocks! We split into two groups and worked a total of three hours at each location! Coleman Jenna Will Tessa Andrea and I led this fantabulous event and had so muchhh fun all while paying tribute to our favorite lady MOTHER EARTH!

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Boston Bombing

A couple days ago bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon, one of the most anticipated events of the year. Being a resident of Massachusetts, this was very scary to hear about when I got the news. We must all remember that living in the United States we are lucky enough that occurrences like this do not happen on a regular basis, however, when they do happen it does not make them any less tragic.—-4-16-13

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The office smells delicious while Christian and Alex are cooking curried potatoes and rice for their dine and discuss on racism at 12:30! 

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Service Trip to Costa Rica!

This past January I went on a winter term service trip to Costa Rica! Going into it, I knew it would be amazing but I had no idea of the extent of impact it would have on me.  I honestly felt as though I learned more in just three weeks than I have in the entire past semester at school!  We stayed at an amazing place called the Yoga Farm where travelers can stay, practice yoga, surf, eat great food, and and get back in tune with nature and a simple lifestyle. We got to enjoy all of these aspects, but we also got to help out and commit our time to service on the farm and a project that tackles to decrease deforestation. Though the surrounding landscape was absolutely gorgeous, it was sad to see the effects that mass amounts of cattle fields have on the rainforest. What cheered me up was hearing how content the locals are and how happy they are despite having very little

check out the yoga farm’s website and videos!